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Songs From The Black Meadow

Songs From The Black Meadow
is a CD of songs inspired by the Black Meadow and sold in aid of Cancer Research. The album features 15 songs and is limited to 150 copies. The 15 track CD comes with an 8 page booklet and a handmade letter press sleeve.  


About the Black Meadow.
Black Meadow sits atop of the moors; a remove and mysterious place. Actually, it's not that remote because it’s right next to the early warning station R.A.F. Fylingdales. But it is mysterious, and strange things do and have happened there. In 1972, Professor R. Mullins of the University of York went missing on the site. He’d collected an extensive body of work that provided a great insight into the folklore of this mysterious place. Odd then that he should go missing in the very spot that fascinated him

The Black Meadow continues to fascinate Chris Lambert who is the driving force behind the re-release of this various artists compilation album. Songs of The Black Meadow features music and songs inspired by the mystifying and somewhat spooky Black Meadow. It has been out of print for a while, but Mega Dodo is delighted to announce that it is helping Chris re-release a limited edition CD and cassette of the album. If everything goes according to plan and nothing untoward happens, Songs From The Black Meadow was launched at Game For May in 2016.

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